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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Try, Try Again

I decided I would do something very selfless and giving...I would try a bunch of eco-friendly products for the sole purpose of reporting back to you on their quality.  Not at all because I wanted an excuse to buy some great stuff.  I can be so giving...

★  out of 
I'm in love with everything about these guys.  You can buy them at or  These super soft cotton circles will replace any kind of disposable cotton product you use for eye make-up removers, toners etc.  They are velvety smooth, organic, fair trade, and come with their own hemp washing bag so you won't lose any in the laundry.  I would say the one and only downside is that you couldn't use them to remove nail polish...big whoop.


Everyone warned me that when I stopped breast-feeding my daughter would get sick more.  They weren't kidding!  My little one had maybe one cold her first year on earth, but this month she got the never ending illness; ear infection, cough, sinus infecting, fever.  I felt so terrible wiping her red, irritated nose all the time.  While on vacation I happened upon the best thing ever...the Hanky Book!  It is slightly bigger than a credit card, has an adorable fabric cover, and pages upon pages of soft, organic cotton to wipe baby's nose with.  When one page gets messy, you turn to the next.  Then just pop it in the washing machine!  It felt good to know be pressing rough tissues against baby's tender nose.


Well, I"m afraid I have never been able to find a good bleach alternative.  If anyone knows one, please pass it on!  This product comes in pre-measured pods and is environmentally friendly.  I will say it brightened my whites, and it is safe on colors, but it won't take out stains and well, bleach your laundry like bleach does.  It's not terrible, but it's no bleach.


I bought this on a whim because it was on sale at  It is a silicone lid that creates an airtight seal.  It is meant to replace plastic wrap, foil, and plastic containers.  Here is the truly amazing thing about it: you can refrigerate it, freeze it, microwave it, and put it in the OVEN up to 500 degrees.  That's craziness!  I used it to cover a bowl of left over soup, then put it right into the microwave when I was ready for it.  When it was done heating I used the lid as a trivet...perfection!  Here are the only downsides:  You would need a lot of these in various sizes, and that could get expensive at the onset.  It does create an airtight seal, but if there is any food or moisture on the rim of what you are covering it will not work.

If you know any great products, feel free to share them!  And I will do my best to keep trying new things, for your benefit only :)

totally depressing environmental fact:
conventional cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop on earth

totally uplifting environmental tip:
if you have a choice between glass or plastic, always choose glass.  it is easier to reuse and recycle, and takes less to produce!

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  1. Hanky Book....might have to look into that one. I snot rags haven't gone out of style!!!